Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Roof Cleaning York, PA



After much debate (trying to stay specialized to streamline the business), we decided to add roof cleaning to our services.  You see we are a gutter cleaning company & we offer repairs to gutters at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  One of the reasons that we are called on to clean someone's gutters is the fear of heights.  After being asked many times over if we would do roof cleaning, we decided to run a test house.  You see, we want to make sure we can stand behind the product and service.   One of the other drawbacks we had was having to carry more equipment on the truck or being unsure of time scheduling if  we offered too much diversity in our service.  After the test house,  all of those fears have been discredited and we are confident that this add-on service will be a great compliment to our business.


The reason I am only showing "before" and "during" pictures is part of the process is to let the product sit for a bit and get washed off with a rain.  Regretfully, we'll have to wait until we go back for actual "after" pictures.

What I can offer you now is the customer testimonial-

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the roof cleaning. It looks great. 
Also, please thank Rob for taking my antenna off the roof.  That was a big help.

Best regards,


Now that we have tested this product out on a local home, we are now saying "yes, we can!" to the request to clean mold & moss off of roofs.  One of the noted benefits (and this is from the manufacturer of the roof cleaning solution) is more than bringing back the beauty in your home, it is extending the life of your roof.  Again, we are offering a service to those that would prefer to not climb up on their roof.  We are simply glad to have found a product that seems to be working as it claims.
Cost for this service depends on size of roof it needs to be applied to- the average home with mold/moss on the roof will cost $50-150 for this service.